Rainier Plastics, Inc.
1101 Ledwich Avenue
P.O. Box 9125
Yakima, WA 98909
Tel. (509) 248-1473
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At Rainier Plastics, we have access to laboratory technicians that are among the industry's most highly qualified personnel. They receive the highest level of training and are involved in a perpetual educational process to guarantee their knowledge continues to match the state of the art equipment in our laboratories.


Silo Storage
At Rainier Plastics we have the ability to store up to 300,000 pounds of product. Bulk Truck loading and unloading capabilities are not an issue with the silo storage options located on our premises.

Quality Load blending capabilities in 50,000 pound quantities
We have the blending capabilities of 50,000 pound quantities. Quality control assures that each load will have even consistency throughout to avoid variations. If you need PCR for minimum content requirements, we can source the specific grade that is most compatible with your process. Our blending capabilities allow us to homogenize the exact percentages for you, dispersing any inherent variation with the PCR so that the first bin runs the same as the last. All you need to do is place your probe, no mixing is required.

Tolling Scrap
Rainier Plastics offers our customers the service of picking up your in-house scrap, reprocessing it into pellets and returning it to you in a timely fashion.

Post Industrial House Processing

We take pride in being among the elite in the plastics industry to bale, shred, grind, palletize and blend raw materials. We maintain a monumental reputation for producing quality products and providing professional services.

Processing roughly 25 million pounds of polyethylene scrap a year, we have dependable knowledge and unmatched experience. We are constantly striving to meet the demands of our customers and suppliers.
If you have plastic materials to sell, we can provide prompt pickup, quick payment, and reliable services.

Finished Product
We primarily process LDPE, HDPE, and PP in pellet form, but can handle nearly any plastic materials you may require including: ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, hard scrap/purgings, bags, sheets, rollstock and other obsolete parts.